Hi and welcome to Script And Friends!

This website is dedicated to JavaScript ("the script") and all of its programming and human friends: Node, HTML, CSS, SQL, me, Doja Cat and hopefully you.

I'm Dimitri, a JavaScript web developer based in Paris, France. I created this website for anyone who wants to learn web development from scratch. Especially for those who don't have any knowledge in IT (Information Technology) or computer science. Been there, done that: I started learning web development quite late, at the age of 33. And before that, I was working in marketing. I had to learn everything, by starting from the bottom.

As of September 2022, I've been a profesional web developer for over a year now. I've been working in the development team of a SAAS company, with 6 very experienced developers.

But the first 6 months there were very difficult for me. For one reason: I didn't know enough IT fundamentals (or computer literacy). So I tried to catch up in the evenings and weekends, but that was almost impossible. Why? Because many of these basic topics cannot be learnt on the fly. They are subtle and hard to comprehend. Sometimes, they require several hours of extreme attention.

Somehow, by relentlessly looking for ways to catch up as fast as possible, I ran into great resources that I had never heard or seen before. This helped me bridge the gap, bit by bit, even though I'm still in the midst of it. It took me and still takes me a lot of time and effort. But I do feel that I'm getting better at this.

Fundamentally, there's something wrong about how web development is taught. I want to fix this. And I humbly think it is possible to do better. That is why I'm designing a different curriculum: the Script And Friends (SAF) curriculum.

The SAF curriculum will be different from what bootcamps, coding schools and universities offer. In a nutshell, it's the curriculum I wish I had followed. In particular, the SAF curriculum will:

The SAF curriculum should be available sometime in 2023. If you are interested, please join the waiting list.